Thursday, April 22, 2010

Damnit Oklahoma!

So, Oklahoma has a new anti-abortion Bill up in the State legislature that not only seeks to force women to have vaginal ultrasounds (which can be triggering for rape victims and which are medically unnecessary) but that seeks to HAVE DOCTORS HIDE INFORMATION ABOUT FETAL ABNORMALITIES FROM PREGNANT WOMEN. Seriously....seriously!

So, not only does this Bill demand medically unnecessary procedures as a precondition for abortion, but it actually encourages medical malpractice--which hopefully will be its Achilles Heel if it does pass and will be overturned as Unconstitutional in Federal courts. But, this is another Bill pro-choice advocates will have to contest and spend large sums of money to legally defeat instead of advocating for greater access to abortion services and contraceptive services for women. If you live in Oklahoma (or not) contact your legislature to stop this Unconstitutional Bill before it becomes another expensive exercise in proving once again, that women and full human beings worthy of the ability to make their own choices (and have ALL the information) about their bodies and pregnancy. OK legislature page is HERE.


  1. This Bill and the one that Arizona is trying to pass about "looking like an illegal" the world just might be coming to an end. Or, these states are just trying to make us look like fools. Either way, I would hate to live in either one of them.
    Besides, isn't Oklahoma the state where it's illegal to be tattooed in?

  2. I did not know about the anti-tattoo law...interesting.

    Yeah, the Arizona law is so "Show me your papers" from every scary post WWI/pre-WWII movie about Germany. VERY SCARY! Thanks for commenting Kristy!

  3. Well we can't forget America took its turn with the Native America relocation and the Asian enturnment camps. We all have a lapse in judgement when in fear or greedy.