Saturday, October 31, 2009

'America's Next Top Model' Creates Stir After 'Bi-Racial' Photo Shoot

During Wednesday night's "ANTM" episode on The CW, Tyra took the remaining six young women of Cycle 13 to Hawaii, where she took pictures of the models after they were transformed into different races.

Tyra told bleach blonde Erin Wagner she was going to be "Tibetan, like the Dali Lama, and Egyptian"; Southern belle Laura Kirkpatrick was put into makeup to look "Mexican and Greek"; Jennifer An, who is Korean, was told she was going to be "Botswanan and Polynesian"; African-American Sundai Love was made to look "Moroccan and Russian"; redheaded Nicole Fox was "Malagasy and Japanese," while blonde Brittany Markert was put into makeup to look "Native American and East Indian."

If we put the black face references aside. Here are my list of questions:

What does race have to do with fashion?
Why aren't we hiring more models of different races?
What is the point of transforming models?

I feel if we had real answers to the above question we would know why were are always trying to transform white models into the "exotic" instead of hiring a more diversified modeling pool.

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