Thursday, October 29, 2009

Healthy Food: What's That Again?

So, yesterday I had fast food for every meal--no joke. I've been incredibly busy and I just returned from a long road trip in which I took my eldest niece to visit the cutest college ever (good trip, bad eating). I don't even like fast food that much and I certainly don't feel nourished.

I'm back to faithful food blogging as soon as my camera cord (ordered off ebay) arrives. But in order to get back into the groove of healthy eating/exercise I'll do a written accounting of food/exercise until it comes.

This AM: oatmeal and water. Lunch will be an Amy's original and I'll go to the gym right after work. I need to drink lots of water today to rehydrate. I have hummus and laughing cow in the work fridge, but no veggies or apples to smear it on :( so I'll have to figure out a snack (maybe a granola bar from the campus bookstore? They have some healthy ones over there). Next week, I'll make my meals and bring salad mixings so that they are cut and prepared, but not already put into a finished salad (thus sogginess).

Chaos has abated since the fire, but I don't quite feel "back to normal" yet.


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