Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Results Not Typical" No Longer Allowed in Diet Program Ads?

So, apparently, the Federal Trade Commission has decided that the warning "Results Not Typical" will no longer be allowed to be used in diet industry program advertisements.

Does this mean that Valerie Bertinelli and her cohorts will lose their sweet (pun intended) diet endorsement deals? I'm not hating on Valerie here--and that picture above of her in her bikini IS NOT TYPICAL of Jenny Craig clients. It may mean that diet programs will have to specify exactly what their celebrity endorsers did to attain their "not typical" results--like working out at the gym six days a week for four hours with a personal trainer in addition to their products/system. Or, might it mean doing more endorsement deals like Queen Latifah did with Weight Watchers where she lost her 10% and is therefore "less fat" but by no means a skinny-minny? That success seems more typical to me.


  1. Correction. Queen Latifah was a Jenny Craig Spokesperson for the size healthy campaign. Phylicia Rashad took her place.

    Jenny Mccarthy is the WW celebrity.

    Well I think the biggest reason Jenny Craig success is not typical is because unless you are gettiing the food for free like Valerie Bertinelli it is hard to pay about $90 a week for food for the rest of your life.

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