Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Octo-Mom: How I Lost 145 Pounds!

Nine months after giving birth to octuplets, single mom Nadya Suleman is back into her pre-baby jeans after losing a staggering 145 pounds -- without the help of a trainer or plastic surgery.

There, she fits in thrice-weekly midnight workouts (while a nanny watches over her sleeping children) with strength training but no cardio. "I get enough of that with the kids," Suleman, who gets by on three hours of sleep, tells Us.But don't think workouts alone got the 5-foot-7 mom down to 125 lbs. -- Suleman maintains a strict diet, too.

Five protein-packed meals or snacks a day normally consist of "anything the kids are eating." Food staples in the Suleman household? Oatmeal, sushi, turkey, and even homemade baby food. "As long as it's nutritious, it's good to eat," the busy mom explains.

Of all the people in Hollywood. She is the only person I think does enough daily activity to lose baby weight that fast. Durning most photos she is carrying 3 babies at a time.

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  1. Kudos to anyone who can pull that postnatal recovery off. We at Family Fitness Path hope she'll exercise with her brood when they're able to. Sharing a positive fitness attitude with her children will bring them all better health and bonding.