Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ugh, More Stupid People Exploitation, This Time, More Baby Bumps

Okay, so obviously this young woman is extremely ignorant (or just really good at self-delusion), but what is this BBC show really trying to accomplish? Is it really trying to educate young women and pregnant women about health hazards to their feti? Or, is it just another reality show opportunity to be disgusted by stupid people? "16 & Pregnant" followed by "Teen Mom" may have started out with good intentions: showing how awful it is to be a pregnant teen/teen mother, but its turned into a side-show (complete with US Weekly cover for those featured). This pre-occupation with pregnancy, baby-bumps, teen mothers, stupid pregnant people, surprise pregnancies/babies, etc. Its such a weird phenomenon and shows that seek to further this voyeuristic vein of pop-culture worry me. What are your thoughts, readers?

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