Monday, May 16, 2011

Accidental Hiatus?!?

I think that I might have accidentally take a hiatus for a month or so! Sorry, my bad--it was totally not planned! Well, I'm back and LisaD, luckily, has not been as absent as I have over the past 4-6 weeks, so there have been some posts, but in recompense I will have a POST A DAY all week and try to maintain that level as best I can. I mean, really, is there really ever a day that goes by when the interwebs don't deliver us up a new health trend to follow or debunk? Nah, plus of course, where would y'all be without my journaling of my weight-loss/attempts at meeting fitness goals (or Lisa's?).

Anywho, I'll just give a brief over-view of what's been going down with me...let's see, how much weight am I down now, oh, yes: 56.2lbs!!! The other day, I tried to carry 35lbs of cat litter from the trunk of my car into the house and it was SO DAMN HARD, I can't imagine that I used to carry that around on my body!!! I'm more than half-way to my goal, which is an even 100lbs. I've also been quite regular with the Friday Yoga classes, btw! So much so, that not only do I feel a difference in my own form and ability, but in that "body awareness" that you hear all the yogi's rave about--yoga really does help you pay attention. So, those are two good things. What needs improvement, well, I totally skipped the gym and all cardio last week. I've packed my gym bag (since the rain has made it difficult to walk/jog outdoors for a while), charged up my ipod and I'm heading over to the gym right after work. I'm even thinking about taking a Cardio Kickboxing class on Thursday--whadda think? Will I become a super awesome kick-boxer or more likely, will I somehow manage to injure myself or another? If I do start that class, it'll prolly be next week due to scheduling.

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