Thursday, May 19, 2011

Interested in Taking a Yoga Class?

I've been going strong with my Friday yoga classes for over six weeks now--maybe longer actually. I love it. I'm taking a Yin/Yasa class which concentrates on both strength (or heat building) and stretch (poses designed to get deep stretches or cooling poses). Here's the official description from my studio:

Yinyasa features both the active movement of vinyasa, as well as the complementary practice of yin which focuses on release of the deep connective tissues. Like a satisfying exhale after rapid breathing, the passive poses of yin feel deeply relaxing especially following the strength-building poses typical of vinyasa. The goal of this class is to help build focus and strength, and then to enjoy the relief of passive stretching and a more peaceful mind.

I prefer taking yoga at studios rather than gym based classes (where the focus tends to be on the fitness elements more than the overall yogic philosophy). Plus, gym classes often mix in pilates or other strength moves that really don't have anything to do with the natural flow of a traditional yoga class. Although, that's just my bias from trying gym based classes a couple times at a couple different gyms...your gym class might be great and wherever you workout, I recommend checking into a yoga class! HERE is a great resource describing the different styles of yoga and how you might better determine what you'd like the best.


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