Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home Neat Home

So, I'm really impressed with Kath's (she of Kath Eats Real Food or KERF) series on organic cleaning and her general organizational philosophy. She's a great food and lifestyle blogger who I admire for many reasons, she eats well and she eats for pleasure, she works out--and for the joy of movement, not just to reach or maintain some aesthetic ideal--she also seems pretty eco minded without being preachy and of course, its been fascinating to watch the process it takes to open a Great Harvest Bread Franchise (something that I've thought of doing before). I also really enjoyed her post regarding budgeting, which was really enlightening, but she certainly takes the cake when it comes to organizing her home. LisaD is actually quite the organizational maven, btw, so she might want to share her tips sometime, but for someone who integrates organization and aesthetically pleasing living spaces, Kath excels like no one else on the internet (on a real person budget I should add--sure, there are perfect design blogs and home decorating blogs, but the budgets?). Anyway, check out Kath's series and report back on your favorite organizing/cleaning tips in the comments. When I set up my next apartment, I will try to document my (very on a budget) approach.

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