Monday, February 8, 2010

Two Gyms: A Little Crazy or Just Right?

So, here's my update. I worked out SOOOOOOO MUCH last week. Actually, I over did it a bit and didn't stretch properly and spent much of the week in constant tightness/pain. I now belong to two gyms--is that crazy or just right?

The gym at the university I work at is $15 per month, taken directly from my pay-check and I know have a $25 per month YMCA membership as part of a household. I work Monday-Thursday, and my commute is about 40 minutes, so driving to the small town I work at outside of the city I live in is not very practical (or gas efficient). So, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday I'm working at at the Uni gym; Friday/Saturday I'm working out at the YMCA. Also, I've been looking for a yoga class and with three Y's in the city, I'm going to sample their Yoga classes (which are included as part of membership) so that I can do yoga at least once per week.

For all the effort I put in, I didn't actually lose any weight, but I believe I'm building muscle. I'm avoiding the scale for a while and measuring/observing my clothes instead. This is about lifestyle, not a quick loss. I'm shedding weight, not losing it. I'm also going to look into the pre-maid salads they have at my Uni cafe and see if they're any good.

Small goals:
Take multivitamin everyday
Focus on cardio (letting strength training go for a couple days, maybe do some pilates moves since I didn't do my abs last week)

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  1. See my post on Jump Start Week 3 to explain. No wieght loss on heavy exercise weeks.

    Also two gyms are just right. If you were in NYC you would beable to travel to different branches of the same gym.