Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tracy Anderson's Anti-Bat Wing Routine

Okay, its well known that I don't like Tracy Anderson, I think she's a fraud and a bad trainer. She doesn't believe women should like more than 3lbs of weight and she thinks everybody can look like Madonna. Well, here's a home video of her doing her anti-bat wing arm exercise routine, which is pretty much a bunch of arm gyrations set to a beat. I'm sure it gets your heart rate up and that your arms are feeling it by the end of the five minutes, but I don't think that it should serve as a replacement for some weight resistance or weight lifting toning which is important for bone health as well as the aesthetics of the arm. Did you know that Michelle Obama can bench press 200lbs? Isn't that awesome and quite frankly, her arms are my personal envy.

1 comment:

  1. You can gain mucsle without weights with using body resistance.

    I just that if you start off 100lbs overweight doing this routine will not get rid of bat wings in 30 days.