Monday, February 1, 2010

Christina Hendricks' Photo Altered by NY Times Fashion Editor

This is interesting, after the Golden Globes there was a flap about a New York Times fashion writer who criticized Christina Hendricks dress/body-type. Cathy Horn said, "You don't put a big girl in a big dress. That's rule number one."

Hendricks, of Mad Men fame--disclaimer, its one of my favorite shows and she's a veteran of another favorite show of mine,Firefly--Hendricks is well known for her rockin' bod and bombshell appeal, in addition to her clever delivery of dialogue and the withering look. She is also lauded and shamed for showing off her curves and daring to be glamorous over a size 2.

It turns out that the image of her Golden Globes dress that accompanied Horn's article was actually doctored to be wider--yes, that's right folks photoshop was actually used to make an actress look larger--shockers! Horn claims that it was accidentally distorted, I call bullshit, but whatever.

Hendricks' husband stuck up for his wife, stating:
“I was just upset about the whole Golden Globes dress thing. I thought she looked so gorgeous. And that New York Times blogger saying that… It’s so ridiculous.

“What was nice was seeing the entire internet come after that blogger. That was really cool. It was the first time I saw just a solid block of ‘You’re crazy! What’s wrong with you? You should be ashamed of yourself!’ And honestly, the Gray Lady (New York Times' nickname) should be ashamed of themselves to print a picture like that, that they widened!”

It is nice to see that the majority of posts seemed to criticize the blogger for interpreting Ms. Hendricks body as "a big girl's" body in the first place, prior to revealing the doctored photo--and I"m glad to hear it. But, I think that showing that photos are doctored to malign as well as to create false images of unattainable beauty, deserves more of a discussion. Personally, I'm really liking the present legislation in France that requires advertisers to note in their commercials that the images have been doctored by photoshop (kind of reminds me of alcohol and cigarette ads with the surgeon general's warning on them).

I'd also like to mention that Christina Hendricks is still 99% more beautiful that the vast majority of human beings, and even if her weight is more attainable than the average starlets', constantly comparing oneself to beautiful people probably isn't healthy. As John Donne said, "comparisons are odious." Appreciating beauty, on the other hand, can be a source of delight. So, I will give you a brief gallery of Joan, I mean, Yolanda...I mean Christina in the next post (since Blogspot won't let me put the photos as the end of this one! Grr Argh).

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