Friday, February 12, 2010

A Response to the Dodge Ad from the Super Bowl

There were several great feminist take-downs of the crap ads that pervaded the multimillion dollar spots throughout the Super Bowl last week. The consensus seemed to be that advertisers thought that the best winning angle for ads this season was to portray men as down-trodden by the evil vagina-archy, bitches be the problem and slubby dudes just wanna have fun. One of my favorite responses, Amanda Marcotte's Thoughts on the Misogyny Bowl in advertising (versus a truly uplifting game).

My favorite quote:

You know it’s a rough year in misogynist Superbowl advertising when an ad suggesting that women’s role in bearing sons matters more than their very right to live can’t even win the title of “Most Misogynist”. (Though it’s only on a technicality---the Tebow ad that aired during the Super Bowl was too confusing to register as overtly hateful, though it did insinuate that the only reason women die in childbirth is they aren’t “tough” enough, and apparently had it coming.)

Echidne mention that the Dodge Charger ad was actually narrated by Michael C. Hall, he of Dexter fame whose serial killer drama is similarly narrated by said actor. Check out her full post here, but I gotta say she hit it on the head because it almost seemed like that ad would culminate in violence. Scary. Her summation: Women are ball-breaking bitches or they have horrible, horrible cooties, and you must act decisively! By buying some crappy product! To show that you are not pussy-whupped, nosir.

Yes, buying crappy products make you a man, bitches is the problem, etc. Tired.

Well, in defense, there's a great parody up to that Charger, "Man's Last Stand" called "Women's Last " which is, well, way more accurate in terms of crap gender expectations and inequities, including "I will make 75 cents to every dollar you make." Check it out:

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