Friday, February 19, 2010

Goal Update: Two Gyms

So, I'm a member of two gyms--and for the past week and an half almost everything has been closed :) I worked out yesterday and I've got my gym bag packed for today, Saturday I'm going to the Y and then Sunday I'm finally taking that Yoga class. I was actually off work for two days this week due to snow (which was nice, but cabin fever does tend to take over). You see, I live in the SOUTH and when we get snow, we totally freak out, close everything and hide. Its our way of dealing. I did a lot of organization and de-cluttering, so that's at least activity, but the snow has been mostly removed and the town (State) is back open for business. I'm also going to start reporting on doing the Beck Cognitive Behavioral Therapy book on changing thinking patterns to help with weight loss and dealing with the emotional aspects of food. I'll give you weekly updates starting Saturday.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I am so intrigued with your journey.