Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am probably the 10,000th blogger to address this, but Oprah, seriously? This week Oprah felt that it was necessary to make a press release regarding the deep shame that is her current weight. Now, love her or hate her, everybody has to recognize that Oprah is peerless in her accomplishments--she is more than a media mogul and philanthropist, she is an icon. I have a great deal of respect for Oprah.

But...her yoyo example is dangerous and its sad to see this woman so beat down by her inner demons and self-loathing.

Dear Oprah,

Eat right because it tastes good and its healthy. Exercise because movement feels good and is flourishing.

Let me guess, when you're fat you feel anxious and when your skinny you feel anxious about the idea of getting fat. That's a lot of anxiety. That's a lot of wasted time and emotional self-abuse.

Now, I have to admit to the fat-o-sphere that I'm not one of those fat acceptance bloggers who believes in HAES (Heathly at Every Size). I believe in striving for health at whatever size you are. I think that some people are more prone to fatness than others and Oprah and I are two such people. I don't want to put an arbituary number out there like 200lbs or 300lbs or 400lbs as the cut off for health, that's not something I'm claiming to know or that I think that that kind of number can be established as a universal. But, I will say that I do believe that Oprah can be healthy and beautiful at 200lbs.

200lbs isn't some magical number of human worthlessness. Why is 199lbs better? Because it doesn't have the stigma of "over 200 pounds"? Probably. But, numbers are arbituary. If you fetishize a number all you are doing is putting a further mental barrier between you (your mind) and your body (also you). You are othering, disassociating--whatever you call it you are fundamentally doing yourself a disservice and putting distance between how you sense and perceive the world (your body) and how you process those sensory experiences (your mind).

Instead of starting a new round of dieting and personal reform (I am saved I am saved I am saved by diet X), try to be still. Try to move for pleasure. Try to eat for pleasure and health (they need not be counter productive to on another).


p.s. That goes for me too.

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  1. Oparh gets fat for money as well as pychological reason. The first of the year she will do a week of shows about about to change your:
    weight, health, money, spirtuality, and sex encounters. All the shows will have "experts" on the Harpo payroll.

    She gets paid because we want her to make us better.

    Even thought diet is a personal journey. She puts it out there in public so she can get paid.