Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obsessive Food Blogging?

So, I found a blog where this pastry chef/wellness advocate posts everything she eats in a day. Now, she's skinny. I'm not. Of course, I'm trying to not-diet my way to a healthier relationship with food/weight. I've stopped food journaling, point counting, calorie counting (though since I practically have a doctorate in Diet Culture, I am able to gauge what is theoretically a reasonable portion of food and a day's allotment of calories--so, its not like I'm doing "intuitive eating" in the dark.)

I've always been facinated with what other people ate--particularly, what do skinny chicks eat? Seriously, what do they eat? This lady lays it all out there--and quite frankly, I eat similarly in many ways. For example, the yogurt above. It is Greek Yogurt (Chobani from Fresh Market--the most dangerous place on earth). Its got, 140 calories, 14 grams of protein--mixed in there is Bare Naked Peak Protein Granola, Blueberry Walnut. Combined, its a really satisfying breakfast, very creamy and sustaining. This morning I also had a Luna Bar, Oatmeal Raisin (but I forgot to take a picture of it). I had that after helping out with registration at a PD event for teachers/student teachers. There were piles of donuts (and I resisted them primarily because I'm having Gluten issues) and I've had to be up extra-early this week to accomodate flextime, but other than today, the yogurt/granola combo (plus English Breakfast Tea make with a bit of 1/2 & 1/2 and splenda) cuts it until lunch. So, if you're looking for a new breakfast idea that is convenient and sustaining, I do recommend the Greek Yogurt, Oikos makes a similar yummy on the go container, though its a bit more expensive than Chobani.

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