Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Once again, Egg Substitute omlette with toast, clementine, and English Breakfast Tea. I need to go out in a few minutes and get my dad a present (I know, Christmas Eve--crazy), but I also need to get something for dessert tonight. I think that I might go to Meijers and kill two birds with one stone (and then as a reward, get a Starbucks latte--I might try something seasonal. I usually order a sugar-free hazelnut latte with 2% or skim milk, but once per year getting a pumpkin or peppermint or eggnog drink seems appropriate. Its raining, last night there were tons of accidents around the state because the rain was right at freezing (though thankfully it didn't turn into an icestorm and right now its above freezing, so its just wet). I'll be careful.


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  1. Beware of the egg nog latte. The venti egg nog latte at starbucks is about 14 WW points