Monday, December 22, 2008

Okay, so I'm really doing this obsessive food blogging thing

Look at how pretty my breakfast was! Seriously, very pretty very tasty. I had an egg substitute omlette with cheddar cheese, a clementine, a piece of millet bread toast, and English Breakfast tea.

Today, December 22, 2008, is the day after the Winter Solstice. Now, I dig the Equinoxes and Solstices--days the earth gives testament to the passing of time. Whether you view this from a Neo-Pagan perspective or a natural philosopher's perspective (old-timey for the contemplative scientist), these natural events provide good moments to pause and take stock--what am I doing right? How does the light/dark impact me as a human being? Etc. Many like to take stock at the New Year--but in truth, New Years Eve has no basis in the natural and is completely culturally constructed. The Chinese calendar is much older (as the Jewish calendar is), yet the despite the confusion wrought by the Julian/Gregorian debate, we still follow a very imperial Roman kind of system. Now the Solstice, whether human beings are around to "discover" it, it really is the shortest day of the year. The darkest and the most winter of winter nights. After the Solstice, the earth is moving (in the Northern Hemisphere) back toward the light.

I have been lately becoming more and more lazy and ill inclined to move about this Fall. There are a couple reasons why this is so: 1. I can't afford my gas heat to keep my house at a comfortable temperature, so I have a electric heater in my living room for when I get home from work and an electric blanket to sleep with--so moving away from my heat sources sucks; 2. I've done some flextime the past few months and sitting all day for 10 hours is exhausting! Sounds counterintuitive, but it really sucks you of all energy. So, I want to figure out how to MOVE MORE. Now, hopefully next year I will be teaching fulltime, which will involve standing for much of the day and walking around (yay), but for now I need to move in my current circumstances. I have a few plans for this--which I will elaborate on as I go--but they are general, like walking up four flights of stairs three-four times per day and actually using my weights at work.

TODAY, however, is not about elaborate plans--today, I simply need to get on the treadmill and clean my house. I've already taken a picture of my breakfast (which eat, live, run has inspired me to start doing regularly--not as punishment for eating, but to really document in a way that won't make me neurotic).

So, when I post lunch/dinner, I 'll let you know how the movement/exercise goals were met today. We are moving toward the light as a hemisphere and light to me means getting going. Its life, its growth, its vitality.


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