Monday, December 22, 2008

1 Day Down

So, I'm really food blogging--crazy! I'm also fixing my system so that my computer will stop downloading all 64 pictures from my camera everytime I want to upload one.

Okay, so above is some veggie soup with bits of lamb cut up and added to it and a bit o'cheese sprinkled on top. I had two bowls actually and a piece of millet toast not pictured. I took 1 cup of veggie soup, added about two ounces of lamb and a couple extra cabbage leaves to round it out; heated and served. I filled the bowl half way each time because I ate on the couch instead of the table so that I could watch a show during dinner. Next to my soup/stew is a BL Lime--my sister once proclaimed that that would be her super secret code name if she needed to check into a hotel as a celebrity some day. As a rule, I don't like beer. I'm just not a cool chick like that. I don't even really like girly beers, like Blue Moon or Stella Artois, though I'll drink those two and BL Lime more willingly than a "real" beer. BL Lime is a beer, but very light and lime flavored, not sweet so it isn't a pop-alcholic (think Zima, wine coolers, etc), but "real" beer drinkers probably regard it as lowly as such sweet concoctions as Mike's hard lemonaide, etc. I don't care. I wanted a drink tonight and I didn't have any red wine. Honestly, what I really wanted (yesterday) was some Silk Soy Milk Egg Nog (90 calories) and some rum--it was on sale at Kroger and way cheaper calories wise than "real" egg nog, but the idea of running across the parking lot in 4 degree weather with four bags of groceries in hand to get the rum sounded way too hard at the time. Perhaps I will brave the weather tomorrow and make said purchase and get ingredients for a dessert for New Years Eve I promised to make. I have no idea what I'll make at this point. Any ideas non-existent readers?

Okay, exercise stat's for the day:
Treadmill 35 minutes. 2% incline and 1.68 miles. I watched Gilmore Girls to accompany and picked up the exercise room for the last 5 minutes of the show. I was going to do toning, but I tried to start out with a wall sit and it hurt my knees, so then I vowed to shower and do the toning tonight--thus far? No toning. We'll see, maybe I'll do a little downward dog for my shoulders/arms and abs. Tomorrow, I'd like to do the pilates DVD and then the treadmill. Since I'm off for the next two weeks, I'd like to exercise everyday just to get back in the routine. Even once I'm back at work, I'm going to aim for 6 days per week. More on that later.


  1. You have nice placemats. Many people says you focus on the food more if you give it a nice presentation.

  2. Thank you, maybe I should bring a placemat to work when I have my meals there--it'll be like I'm changing the setting. Occasionally in the Spring some of my colleagues mentioned eating at the new picnic tables (which we got this Fall--odd time for new outdoor equipment, I know).

  3. Hello, love the blog but I happen to know that you have many nice place mats. Why don't you switch it up daily or so. Also,raspberry something would be yummy for The holiday---NOT LOW-FAT. Yours truly, B.L. Lime