Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec. 23, 2008

Egg substitute omlette again today, the toast is a different variety (Gluten free, but made by a different company. I believe its a combo of rice flour, tapioca flour, etc. My favorite is the millet); I also had a clementine and some breakfast tea.

After breakfast, I tried out Heavy Weight Yoga but I had technical difficulties and couldn't find my DVD remote--I could only play the bits that the immediate "play" instruction would allow. She, Abby Lentz, seems like a really caring and compassionate human being who is trying to introduce yoga to people regardless of their bodily condition--so wheel chair bound, fat folks, people with limited mobility due to age or pain--which is great. I will admit that the little I saw wasn't for me, however because it was very very basic and I've done enough yoga to know that what I need to do right now is a bit more traditional beginners stuff. I'm not giving up on the tape, but I think that I'd like to see if my mother would enjoy doing her tape more. Once I can access more of the postures and sequences, I'll try again.

After the technical difficulties, I puttered around for a while, the I thought I might try one of those universal remotes I have around the house to see if I could set it to use with my DVD. It sort of worked. So, I decided to pop in Shiva Rae flow yoga. This is a two DVD set and its extensive. There are routines from 26 minutes to 108 minutes and you can set your own sequence via the DVD matrix option (which I haven't tried). I started on her sequence, the Spiral, and the first 15 minutes were really cool. But, it started to get hard, fairly quickly after the first 15, so I've decided to take her advice and watch her routines and try to figure out the matrix function before trying to complete a routine. So, after that 15 minutes, I decided to hop on the treadmill.

I went 1.7 miles, 35 minutes, 2%-2.5% incline while watching another Gilmore Girls episode.

I decided to make a nice lunch--chicken, two small red potatoes, and green beans w/ a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce (I didn't have any salsa). This will be my main meal for the day.

I also had dessert--some sugar free chocolate fudge pudding that I made the other night. I think pudding you make tastes better than pudding cups.

Despite how pretty and yummy this meal was, I ate too fast because I was preoccupied about going out...I was in my head about what to do next, etc. I really need to try to be more contemplative when I eat. Give thanks and bring myself into the moment.

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