Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2nd Day Down

For dinner, I had a black bean garden burger on gluten free toast with some cheese and 2/3 a cup of veggie soup with milk. I also had a bit more pudding (see image below from lunch).The brand was Gardenburger, which is vegan. Here's the rub, I prefer Morning Star Farms or Amy's for taste, but they both have wheat gluten or Seiten as one of their main ingredients and that will seriously tear up my tummy. Gardenburger doesn't claim to be gluten free (they use soy sauce for flavoring which is made with wheat) but its way less glutenous than any of the others I've come across. Now, this isn't a full examination of all veggie burgers out there--this is based on what's available at Kroger. Co-op and Whole Foods probably have better selections, so I should investigate there, but this one was very tasty and much better than Gardenburger's original. One of my favorite veggie burgers is homemade tempeh and lentil, but I can only make it in fairly large batches and even freezing, I throw out more than half anyway. I think its important to experiment with meatless meals beyond simple rice and beans.

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