Friday, September 3, 2010

Sincere Question

Do any of our readers wear Dansko Professional Clogs? My sister-in-law is in the nursing profession and she has a pair and loves them, as do soooo many female nurses, doctors and teachers. I once tried on her pair (though she's a couple sizes bigger than me), but since she "over-pronates" --leans to the external sides of her foot when she walks--they felt funny to me, so trying on her well-worn pair wasn't really a good test.

As LisaD can attest, I used to wear heels ALL THE DAMN TIME in college, but since putting on more weight and aging a bit (therefore, getting rid of some fool notions about fashion vs comfort), I've been married to flats. Most of my flats, however, are cute and non-supportive. I have one pair that like that Mary-Jane almost a tennis shoe, but most are Payless or Target flats (which I love), but aren't the best for a long walking day. I'd like to investigate a good pair of clogs to incorporate, but since the really good pairs, the Dansko or LL Bean are about $100, I just wanted to see if any readers have a personal testimony to share regarding their clogs.

So, anybody got some advice/experience with these types of shoes? I'm not talking about the clogs bought at payless, I mean the real deal "professional" grade clogs mean't for women on their feet. Let me know! Thanks

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  1. I have gone back to wearing a heels after a 30 lbs weight loss. I stick to Wedge heel. It provides a valid support for my larger frame.

    For a good walking shoe with great support. Head to Easy Spirit. There outlet provide strudy shoes for $20-$50 at the mall you will pay $40-$100.