Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remember that Smoking Indonesian Baby Boy? Apparently He's Been to Rehab!

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Apparently he's been in a government sponsored (aka Indonesia was really embarrassed by all the world-wide coverage those online clips of a 2 year old smoking) program. The crucial thing is that Indonesia has decided to ratify the The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC). You can check out that Convention

Indonesian (really all of Southeastern Asia) has incredibly high rates of smoking, limited control of tobacco products to minors and tons of advertising and "promotions" such as bikini/costume clad teen girls giving out "free samples" of certain brands. Its not just the bad old days of American Tobacco advertising ala Don Draper ("Its Toasted"), but even worse...especially since the science behind the ill health-effects of smoking are not in dispute anymore.

Bravo to Indonesia for ratifying the Convention (or at least stating their intention to do so). I just hope that these stories will help other parents in Indonesia to prevent their children from smoking at such a young age and I hope that Baby Aldo's (Aldi?) parents will be able to withstand his temper tantrums to help him quit smoking permanently. He was actually in a clinic for the initial withdrawal and he has a nurse dedicated to follow-up care in his case. All smoking babies should be so lucky...that was a really sad line!

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