Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good: Federal Egg Recall Could Result in Criminal Charges

Checkout this article at a food safety site regarding the egg recall that's ongoing. It looks like there could be criminal charges filed against the egg producers for the ghastly conditions in which these chickens were living. I believe I covered the ballot initiative in California last Fall regarding establishing more humane conditions for chickens on farms. Utilizing the European model where there is more space per chicken is crucial for their comfort and rights as creatures. Currently, I try to eat free range eggs bought from local farms through the Farmer's Market and my food co-op. But, when out and about, I eat eggs or egg products (in baked goods, etc.) that come from these factory farms like everyone else. Eggs need to be safe for consumption and they need to be humanely raised. luckily, both can be achieved through more consistent regulation and ENFORCEMENT. During the Bush years, many organizations had their enforcement capacities cut--the laws may have been on the books, but without boots on the ground we might as well have been living in Mexico or China. Regulation is only as effective as enforcement. So, pressure your congress person to certify that each new regulation is also funded for the enforcement aspect.

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