Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Reader: Recommendation of the Week

Checkout this posting on "Half of Me" regarding Jennette need to loose about 50lbs. Five years ago, she lost almost 200lbs, but as the result of developing chronic headache syndrome, she gained 50lbs back. Her doctor wants her to loose that weight and make some other lifestyle adjustments (aka stop using artificial sweetners and caffeine) to help with her chronic headache triggers. Anyway, the post is really good because her epiphany is: Things never happen the same way twice.

That's some deep stuff right there--and its true. I've realized for quite a while, I'm trying to recreate my 40lbs loose that happened the summer after my Freshman year in college. I didn't become "skinny" but I went from fat to ziftig--18/20 to a 14 and at one point about 10 lbs later a 12...briefly. I did it through walking and eating chicken and veggies or salad with some boullioun/tofu in the mix. Not the worst way to loose weight, but maybe not something I can repeat now. Also, it was summer and I lived at home, so I was able to dedicate about two hours a day to exercise (I did get a summer job and I worked about 20 hours a week at a bookstore where I stood or walked about the store during my shifts). Anyway, I've never been able to replicate those results. Jennette lost weight through South Beach and lots of exercise--and in the wake of a scary gallbladder surgery that was made necessary by her obesity. By the way, have I ever recommended her weightloss memoir, Half-Assed? It is one of the funniest and painfully honest weight-loss memoirs I've ever read. I really enjoyed it! So check it out if you want the following things: 1. a funny read; 2. a read with a sure-fired ending, yes, she looses the weight; and 3. honesty.

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  1. I am on my 3rd weight loss attempt. The previous three times were also lifestyle changes. But when my life style changed (small town to big city) the changes I incorporated in my life could not be sustained.

    So I agree that you never lose the same way twice but it doesn't mean you can't lose again.

    The key is to realize the changes in lifestyle before the weight comes all the way back.