Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Switch" Aka Sexual Assault is Wacky!

Quoting a commenter at Pandagon on this issue:

"I’d like to submit the notion that Jennifer Aniston is to American Entertainment what Sarah Palin is to American Politics: a walking, talking dressed-up anti-feminist cipher that poaches & mangles feminist language & ideas & is presented as an ideal that other women have to measure up to. I mean, JA’s entire career has been spent playing the same superficially-independent-utramodern-fembot-who-is-really-a-complete-neurotic-mess-for-want-of-a-good-man. Or some variation thereof."

--Comment #44: Smartpatrol on 08/08 at 03:12 PM

This is another bad movie, marketed toward women that only serves to insult women and encourage rape culture because this is a form of sexual or medical assault at the very least. He straight up asks her, what's wrong with my sperm, and she turns him down as donor. She does not want to have his baby and by making him "hilariously" drunk during the scene in question just serves to promote the horrible notion that drinking alcohol is the get out of responsibility card for men when they want to force their bodies (or their genetic material) into an unwilling woman's body. There's 200 plus comments up at the Pandagon thread dealing with this issue and its a good discussion, but I have to implore you dear readers, please don't see this movie!


  1. I am sorry. You cannot endorse the delusions of grandeur of Eat, Love, Pray. Then complain about the fantasy that every "baby ends up with two parents" of the Switch.

    I feel both movies send woman skewed realities that don't work for everyday women.

    Also, I think you have to suspend all belief of reality about the "Switch" when you start with the concept that you will throw an "insemination party". Even if you make a baby the old fashison way, you don't invite the neighbors to watch.

  2. He sexually assaults her! Eat Pray Love is guilty of shameless navel gazing and privileged person indulgences. This movie SUPPORTS RAPE. Totally different issues.

  3. I totally don't think this movie supports rape. I think this is more of a mistaken idenity. Switched at birth scenario. If you want to stretch the definitions of assult. She consented based on a lie and if she knew the truth she would have said no.

    In the final episodes of "Living Single" Maxine purchases "annoymous sperm" that ends up being the sperm of her ex-boyfriends. They two run off into the sunset after finding out.

  4. There was a fertility doctor out in California who was using his own sperm to inseminate women instead of their husbands and he was found guilty of 'MEDICAL ASSAULT' so there is a catagory for this already in the law codes. This is not mistaken identity because he purposely switched his sperm for her choosen donor's sperm after she already EXPLICITLY SAID NO to using his sperm. The Living Single episode is not the same because that woman used anonymous donor sperm whereas Aniston's character had a donor she chose and a donor she rejected and the rejected man malaciously went against her stated wishes and switched the sperm. This is medical assault! This is also a ridiculous movie and no body is having a "basting party" but still, medical assault is not hilarious or wacky is is WRONG.