Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Changing the Landscape of Food Deserts: Walgreens is Getting it Right!

Check out this news piece on NPR about Walgreens incorporating fresh produce into their stores in "food deserts." This is fantastic! Its a pilot project beginning in Chicago, but if it goes well, they will expand it to other urban areas with "food deserts." Food deserts are a perfect example of how the free-market fails communities. Grocery stores have pulled out of inner-city neighborhoods, favoring the Supercenter model and catering to suburbanites, leaving many people with limited transporation to fend for food via liquor or convenience stores. Sure, you can get Ramen and Twinkies, but broccoli and apples? Good luck. Reintroducing produce in these deserts is both a financially good idea and a real commitment to the concept of community. So Walgreens, you deserve a gold star!

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