Saturday, August 14, 2010

Real Housewives of DC: I Think I'll Just Skip this Batch of Housewives--I Love Me Some Politics Too Much to Let Them Tatter My Nation's Capitol

I can already tell that we're supposed to root for Stacie Scott Turner and Mary Schmidt Amons; the villains are clearly Michaele Salahi (remember the woman who crashed a White House party a while back...yet still is not in jail?) and Catherine Ommany (a British villain, edgy). Lynda Erkiletian is an pot-stirrer and a feud starter for sure, but likeable enough. Yawn...

Seriously though, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York--all enjoyable, but mindless. The OC is tacky as it is possible to be (yes, I'm calling OC tackier than NJ), but DC just seems SOOO FAKE and the women SO pathetic. They are not people of consequence, not in the sense that is meaningful to a political wonk like me. Give me a journalists' wife or a key congressional staff person. "I own a DC modeling agency" so the fuck what? Glamor Shots, Sioux City for all I care about that. You live in suburban Virginia? So what, give me a Georgetown Brownstone Townhouse dweller over a McMansion McBunny anyday. Fundamentally, Bravo failed in casting. These ladies are OC redux, not DC interesting. Andy Cohen, seriously call me about that Real Housewives of Brooklyn thing--I see hipsters, I see overly fussy parents worried about organic peanut butter, etc.

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