Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet Hollywood's Black Best Friends

She's black, smart, female and usually "sassy." And her primary function in a movie is to act as the main (white) character's conscience, offering advice no one asked for at the exact moment it's needed. The Root takes a look at some of Hollywood's reigning BBFs.

Click on the link above to read about the Roots list of the top 10:

1. Viola Davis in 'Eat Pray Love'
2. Kerry Washington in 'Save the Last Dance'
3. Zoe Saldana in 'Center Stage'
4. Queen Latifah in 'The Bone Collector'
5. Regina King in 'Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous'
6. Jennifer Hudson in 'The Secret Life of Bees'
7. Wanda Sykes in 'Monster-in-Law'
8. Gabrielle Union in 'Running With Scissors'
9. Whoopi Goldberg in 'Girl, Interrupted'
10. Rachel True in 'The Craft'

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