Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Offended By Your Body!

In an interview with Christina Hendricks, Joan on Mad Men, she recounts an audition experience in which the casting director was essentially offended by her body. See below for her description of the experience and what she was actually wearing:

Hendricks: I remember one in particular. It was pilot season, and it was a procedural kind of show, and I went in to play the wife of a cop. I had to break down and cry and all these things. I left so confident. I was like, "I killed that." There are so few moments as an actor where you feel like in an audition you were truly there, you were so present and you really felt it. I got a call from my agent a couple hours later: "What were you wearing? The casting director was so offended by what you were wearing."

Now, let me tell you what I was wearing: gray dress pants from Banana Republic and a navy-blue silk top from Donna Karan, which was the nicest thing I owned. It was a little low-cut, because most things are; I just happen to be bustier than a lot of people. It was very classy and very nice, and the casting director was so offended by my breasts that she called my agent and said, "I couldn't even hear her audition because of what she was wearing." I was like, "You pathetic woman. I just killed that audition so hard, and you're so distracted by what I'm wearing that you didn't see my acting. And I put on my nicest duds for you!"

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