Saturday, August 14, 2010

Moderation People, Not Scare Tactics

Check out this gallery entitled 40 Desserts that Could Kill You!!!!

Boo: 40 Desserts that Could Kill You--Yeah, if you eat them all at once! Moderation People, not Scare Tactics! Also, whenever I get a ridiculous dessert, I'm generally sharing it with at least one other person, if not three.


  1. As a fat person, I want to know what 1-3 people are you sharing a McFlurry with?

    But in the overall commentary I do agree. People need information to make better choices not scare tactics.

  2. Okay, maybe not a McFlurry. But one of those cookie monsters with ice-cream kinda thing at Cheddars--the last time I had one of those, my mother, father and niece were all sharing it.