Monday, March 30, 2009

New Dating Show Mixes Elements Of Bachelor, Biggest Loser

"For six years it's been skinny-minis and good-looking bachelors, and that's not what the dating world looks like," Fox president of alternative Mike Darnell, who said The Biggest Loser's success proves the public has interest in people. "Why don't real women -- the women who watch these shows, for the most part -- have a chance to find love too?"

I personally believe if we reflect on the dating shows very few people have found true love. So I think any "real woman" versus the typical " model/actress" who goes on this show is also not going to find love. In these shows it is not about love, it is about exposure. I also think if the show is not filled with 50% real/ 50% " model/actress" then the bachelor is not really into dating a real woman.

This is the same with interracial dating when there is only 3 minority women out of 25 in the show selection then you are really not into interracial dating.

Only time will tell the exploitation factor of the show.

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