Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Avoid the ‘recession 15’ with these 10 tips

1. Don’t buy that $1 meal!

2. Find healthy meal alternatives.
3. Keep your gym membership if it’s a lifesaver for you.
4. Haggle at the gym.
5. Just let your gym membership go if you never use it.
6. Walk or jog your way to fitness.
7. Put some air on those old bike tires.
8. Pick up some secondhand exercise equipment.
9. Or just do simple, at-home workouts.
10. Give workout videos a try.

Some tips I am keeping up with are:
Tip 3: keeping the membership if it is lifesaver. I am still paying my $40 for WW a month because it is my lifesaver. Before WW I was gaining 1.5 lbs a month. In my 29 weeks of weight watchers I have maintained or decreased in size. For me, if I gain anymore weight I am sure I will get in the diabetes range and that medicine can run anywhere from $15 with co-pays to $100s a month without insurance.

Tip 10: I am back to doing my old school Richard Simmons tapes. They are fun to do because him in those shorts keeps me laughing.

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