Friday, March 27, 2009

The Good Earth

Everything is so green and lush--Spring is amazing! Growing up in California, I didn't really understand how vital and life-affirming Spring could be following a brutal Winter. This Winter in Kentucky has been brutal--at least by my standards. Snow, a major ice-storm, and most significantly, COLD AND DREARY DAYS.

I've been preparing my garden for Spring planting and doing some landscaping and tomorrow I'm going to use my soil blocker for the first time and start my indoor vegetable seedlings (I started my flower seedlings a while back).

Gardening is major activity exercise, yet somehow I'm able to do it four hours straight without realizing how much time has passed by! Why is it, that when movement you love (like dance or in my case gardening) blinks by, but doing time on the treadmill can take eternity?

I like working out out-doors, but I seem to have forgotten this. This season I'm doing tons of gardening, but I also want to try to rediscover walking outdoors. I lost tons of weight one summer walking outdoors.

What have you forgotten you love to do fitness wise?

1 comment:

  1. I love to dance. So the other night I threw myself my own private dance party. I "dropped it like it was hot" to the following songs:
    Beyonce - "Freakem Dress"
    Mya- "Whoa"
    Beyonce- "Crazy in Love"

    I love to dance but I don't like to go to clubs because of people trying to pick me up. This Spring I am going back to my Woman's only freestyle dance session at the dance studio.