Monday, March 16, 2009

Health Wire: Cutting calories and group sessions are key to weight loss

"A New England Journal of Medicine study finds that cutting calories — regardless of the balance of carbohydrates, proteins or fats — and attending group sessions help you lose weight."

This study is good for all dieters who face the "food police". I do Weight Watchers which has the group session component as well as the cutting calories component. Weight Watchers suggests that you can eat anything if you allot points for it. They do recommend you fulfill the healthy guides before you start using your points for treats and fast food.

Which means I can eat a big mac for lunch, if I have a salad for breakfast and soup for dinner. But when dealing with the "food police", being seen eating anything but a carrot means you are not taking your weight loss seriously.

But as the study shows, reducing calories on a consistently helps you lose weight not just the diet foods you eat that might be low in calories.

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