Monday, January 31, 2011

Watch the Fat Nutritionist Eat

This is pretty clever. In order to show "normal eating" the Fat Nutritionist, Michelle, actually eats what her readers suggest. Above you'll find her eating pickled herring and below a Cadbury Creme Egg. One might seem pretty healthy/gross and the other naughty/good, but neither are good/bad or any other socially constructed dichotomy -- rather, they are food, containing nutrients and calories in kind and varying proportions. Much of her work is devoted to dispelling this notion that foods are inherently good or bad, but rather food. One of my favorite recent posts of hers focuses on how certain foods make her feel during certain part of the day, like she mentions feeling good after eating oatmeal with some sort of fat in the morning. Below after the Cadbury video is an excerpt and link to that post, which I must recommend you go on and read in its entirety.


"If you’ve never, ever stopped to think about how food makes you feel after eating it, maybe you’ve been so caught up in the shame-spiral of restraint and disinhibition that you haven’t had much mental real estate to devote to the idea. Or maybe you’ve been eating according to externally-imposed nutrition rules and guidelines without really pausing to notice how you actually feel when you eat that way. Or you’re in the midst of the great divorce. And you’re not alone.

But learning how food makes you feel, both immediately and a little way down the road, is a fundamental part of learning how to care for yourself.

In my mind, food that makes you feel weird or off — no matter how good it tastes right now — isn’t food you can unconditionally love. Amounts of food that make you feel bad aren’t amounts of food you actually want to eat. And if you find yourself continually sacrificing your well-being for the lovely, immediate feel and taste of food, it’s a sign that something has gone wrong."


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