Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beyond Birth Control Commercial

So, I've seen a couple feminist sites making fun of this Beyaz Birth Control commercial. First off, yes, Beyaz is just Yaz but with folate...which is something pharmaceutical companies do all the time. They tweak their original drug, rename and rebrand it and then start the marketing when their old product is available to be copied for cheaper, generics.

I like this commercial--yes, it looks like it takes place in some other-worldly Sephora--but it emphasizes that birth-control relates to your life choices and working toward goals. THIS COMMERCIAL SHOULD BE AIRED DURING TEEN MOM ON MTV EVERYWEEK. All of these women are grown and they're working toward goals like graduate school, buying a house, a dream trip to Paris, etc. Yes, birth-control does help women work toward goals like these (and that's why the anti-sex brigades want it made more difficult to access). So, I'm giving the makers of this commercial Kudos of the Week! (Although, of course, that doesn't mean that I think anyone should drop their current birth-control brand and sign-up for Beyaz. Stick with what works for you).

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