Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Let Republicans Re-define Rape

Disgusting, seriously disgusting. Shakesville shares resources to fight HR3 HERE and Amanda Marcotte once again lays it all out on the table HERE. The official (and seriously misleading title of the bill) is: “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” Here's the thing though, tax-payer funded abortions are already illegal, except in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother. This bill seeks to do a couple disgusting things: outlaws PRIVATE INSURANCE MONEY from covering abortion, therefore, if you are currently employed through your insurer, you might be covered for abortion services, but after this legislation, that would be banned. Secondly, it seeks to redefine RAPE to "forcible rape" which means that rape by intimidation, rape by drugging, rape by a superior, statutory rape, 'date' rape or acquaintance rape and pretty much any rape in which you weren't beaten nearly to death wouldn't count as rape at all. This also seeks to exclude the incest provision if you are over 18 and raping the mentally incompetent is totally hunky-dory as well. Over 9,000 women every year become pregnant from A REPORTED RAPE. Just let that sink many women become pregnant and don't report the rape? We don't know, there can only be estimates.

Back to the first provision, banning private insurance from paying for abortion: most women who seek out an abortion pay out of pocket, afraid to leave a medical record of shame or that an abortion would get back to their employer, which is sad in and of itself, but when abortions are generally paid for by private insurance, they tend to be the more difficult, surgical abortions. The later term abortions and they are often had because the woman's life or health is in danger or because the fetus isn't viable. Those abortions can be very expensive and they are generally due to crummy luck. Often those are wanted pregnancies, but circumstances turn them into tragedies. Now, those tragedies get to bankrupt families because some self-righteous Republican perverts want to punish dirty sluts because that's their favorite way to pay back their rabid misogynistic base. This isn't about life, its about female sexuality being used as the whipping boy of the culture wars.

Update: Another excellent article breaking this situation down on Alternet, again by Amanda Marcotte, read it HERE.

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