Monday, January 3, 2011

Photoshop's Hall of Shame

Checkout Jezebel's gallery of the Best & Worst of Photoshop's Hall of Shame HERE. I don't know why every time I see these side-by side comparisons, I'm still shocked. Its all fake people! But how "they" (they being the overlord masters of the image industry) choose to photoshop individuals is culturally significant. Take, for example, the lightening of Gabourey Sidibe's skin or the cinching of Christina Hendricks' waist or the air-brushing out of wrinkles or even smile lines. These things don't happen in a vaccuum and it isn't just about air-brushing out a pimple or a scar--its erasing race, body-type and age. Let's not also forget that in many instances, the photoshopping of images produces non-human bodies--limbs missing bones, limbs missing period, necks incapable of holding up oddly large heads, etc. In order to "idealize" these people are made into cartoons.

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