Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bristol Palin Nixed From Abstinence Panel Following Student Protests

Radaronline reports: Bristol Palin was dropped from talking on a Washington University panel next month following protests by the University’s student body.

The protest was the cost of her appearance in relation to her expertise in Sex Education. I agree for a fee of $15,000- 30,000 to talk about your personal teen pregnancy is outrages. I am sure there are teen moms near Washington University for a much more reasonable fee.

I am not knocking Bristol's hustle, but with limit student funds at universities, I think these questions need to be asked.

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  1. As an alumna of Wash U (MA in English), I was upset about--especially since I had recently made a donation to the University.

    She certainly does have a "hustle" and so does her mother, but the only appropriate place for her hustle would be at Liberty University or other schools that are specifically Christian identified.

    Schools like Wash U need to work with reality based thinking, not fantasies about how pre-marital sex is more sinful and evil evil than murder, war, rape or systematic oppression. Abstinence only people supported the law in Uganda that resulted in a GBLT rights activist being murdered (a law that made the execution of gays legal), they as a group have supported the wars, there is a new bill in Congress that seeks to make it illegal for PRIVATE INSURANCE to cover all abortions, except those proven to be "forcible rape" meaning that if you were drugged and raped, you would not qualify for an abortion, and of course their abstinence only message (which backfires among their own population of young people) results in continued poverty and limitation of life experiences by young people saddled with unwanted pregnancy and forced child-birth.

    Abstinence-only culture warriors are a danger to a thriving, healthy society and although Ms. Palin is just a pawn in their greater scheme to limit contraception and cancer-screening services and other reproductive care, she's grown now and thus responsible for continuing her message of hypocrisy and misinformation.

    Remember, condoms work people.