Friday, October 8, 2010

Where Babies Come From: Still Really Confusing for Some Apparently
Kristen Schaal - Family Friendly
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From the Guardian:

Young Britons are clueless when it comes to the facts of life, a new survey reveals.

More than 20% of 18 to 25-year-olds questioned thought a pregnancy lasted a year, 10% believed eating red meat influenced the sex of a baby and half expected a baby to walk and talk within its first year.

The poll also revealed that 20% of the childless respondents thought the umbilical cord was a musical note and 27% admitted they would consider genetic engineering if it meant a better-looking baby.

The vast majority (70%) were in the dark when it came to the true cost of raising a baby. A third of the respondents believed that £1,000 would be adequate to cover equipment, food, clothes and toys for a baby's first year when the latest studies suggest it is about nine times higher.

I've posted Kristin Schaal's "Family Friendly" stand-up routine in which she tries out some humor she thinks "people with babies" will especially appreciate. Since she's also confused by the "bases" in a make-out session, its safe to assume she might be channeling the clueless respondents from the Guardian article.

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