Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Daily Fail: More Depressing Than Ever!

Okay, this is a really depressing article from the Daily Mail:

"Forget finding the right man: what really makes a woman happy is being the right size. According to a 24-year study, a woman’s weight has a greater effect on her spirits than her love life does.And it seems that being obese leads to more misery and suffering than being single – while being thin provides more satisfaction than a relationship."

Within this article we have several assumptions: #1 "getting a man" should be the end all, be all of a woman's happiness, #2 its the fat, not the prejudices and media-induced self hate the social significance of the fat, that makes women miserable.

Its important to remember that no one other person will ever "complete you" and that to expect that from a man/woman is unhealthy in itself. That isn't to say that people garner a great deal of happiness from their relationships, they do, but you have to have a base to grow from together, not the expectation that "happily ever after" is magically insured.

Overweight or obesity comes with lots of problems--lower wages, social stigma, health problems (sometimes, sometimes not), but that doesn't mean that you can't be fat and happy. You can be, you just have to work at it and remind yourself that REAL LIFE IS NOW, not that magical day when you become thin!

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  1. Most fat girls are far more confident than skinny chicks.