Sunday, October 10, 2010

What Now?

Apparently, sometimes growing veggies in your own backyard can be illegal?!? Steve Miller, who has been growing organic veggies for 15 years faces "a $5,000 fine for growing too many. Enter 'Cabbage-Gate.' City officials in Dekalb County, Georgia are claiming that Miller's property isn't properly zoned for growing so many vegetables." Umm, sounds like he pissed off some power-loving police officer who enjoys abusing his authority. There's laws on the books making it illegal to walk down the street backwards with an ice-cream cone in your pocket in one town. Growing too many veggies sounds similar. So what if he wants to dig up his lawn and grow tomatoes! That's good stewardship of the land and eating as local as you can get. I hope this fine is waived and the law rescinded.

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