Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fashion Week

Jezebel has a ton of Fashion Week Spreads up right now, but I thought I'd nab a couple shots from the Sarah Burton (in the House of the late Alexander McQueen) show. I thought that these dresses were just magical, very costumy, but still stunning. One feature I found in several of the dresses was this move to make a bustle--if that's the right word--that enlarges the hips. These bustles are very structured and clearly the garment and not the model's shape, but they suggest curves (even though real curves aren't allowed on the actual models). I'm not skinny-bitch bashing here, I'm just making an observation. What do you think about this sillouette created by the structured gowns? Am I delusional to think that perhaps the designer was trying to create curviness in the garment put on straight-sized (read 34 inch hips or smaller) models? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


  1. I think the goal here is to making the waist look even smaller.

  2. Yeah, it does do that, but the enlarging of the hips area is still very retro-Victorian where the curves were emphasized to suggest the then beauty ideal of being not-thin.