Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That Diet Coke Addiction? Yeah, its a REAL Problem

Alright, I'm not one for alarmist reactions to popular-culture health stories with buzz, but this is probably the most comprehensive diet soda study (almost 10 years) and the results are alarming. I've already been on the record that I've had "a diet coke problem" before and that I almost never drink Diet Coke now, but I do occasionally because I'm against purity pledges. I gotta say folks, I'm starting to go all AA on this issue.

The Study Found:

Measures of height, weight, waist circumference and diet soda intake were recorded at SALSA enrollment and at three follow-up exams that took place over the next decade. The average follow-up time was 9.5 years. The researchers compared long-term change in waist circumference for diet soda users versus non-users in all follow-up periods. The results were adjusted for waist circumference, diabetes status, leisure-time physical activity level, neighborhood of residence, age and smoking status at the beginning of each interval, as well as sex, ethnicity and years of education.

Diet soft drink users, as a group, experienced 70 percent greater increases in waist circumference compared with non-users. Frequent users, who said they consumed two or more diet sodas a day, experienced waist circumference increases that were 500 percent greater than those of non-users.


"These results suggest that heavy aspartame exposure might potentially directly contribute to increased blood glucose levels, and thus contribute to the associations observed between diet soda consumption and the risk of diabetes in humans."

Yeah, when my diet coke addiction was at its worst, I was gaining the most weight. One individual's data isn't significant, but this large-scale and comprehensive study? It has me convinced that "Diet Coke" ain't my friend. Water, iced-tea (lightly flavored with juice), coffee, juice, etc. These will hydrate and refresh you. Put down the can!

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  1. Thanks for this! I've been trying to kick the DC habit for a while, and this may help!