Friday, February 4, 2011

Yoga: TODAY!

Check out this description of the yoga class I'm taking today:


– Yinyasa features both the active movement of vinyasa, as well as the complementary practice of yin which focuses on release of the deep connective tissues. Like a satisfying exhale after rapid breathing, the passive poses of yin feel deeply relaxing especially following the strength-building poses typical of vinyasa. The goal of this class is to help build focus and strength, and then to enjoy the relief of passive stretching and a more peaceful mind.

Yes, darnit, I'm going to YOGA. Today...Friday, the day that is today, I'm going to yoga, grrr....okay, I haven't been to a yoga class in a while. Wish me luck and courage to actually do it. I'll report back...

Update: I actually wrote this post Wednesday and scheduled it to appear on Friday as extra encouragement to go to yoga. I really do want to go to yoga, but I woke up with a blistering swore throat this morning. I am going to go to this yoga class next Friday instead because my throat hurts, I'm stuffed up and this in not the best state to show up for a yoga class for the first time. I was starting to get a swore throat yesterday afternoon, but I still went to the gym, but now I think I might actually be sick or on the precipice. I gargled salt water, I'm having tea--what else can I do, dear readers, to stave off this cold? Leave your best advice in the comments!


  1. Even sick. You can do 15 minutes of light exercising at home. When I was sick last week. I did 8 minutes with the body bar then went to sleep.

  2. I will do arm weights for 15 minutes today, then. Good suggestion.

  3. I've really enjoyed your blog. When I saw the title of this post I thought--look at that, she found the same yoga site I did! But nope...LOL Anyway, I thought I'd tell you about You can sign up for free and get one class each week you can do over and over. Pretty cool. (This sounds like an infomercial...I swear, I'm just a reader on the same path.)