Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Took A Walk!

So, I've had a cold for about a week and a half, but yesterday I felt like I was ready to start exercising again. I dutifully packed my gym bag, made sure my ipod was charged, etc. Then, when quitting time neared and I started thinking about getting on that elliptical, I started to get a case of the blahs & was so pretty out yesterday, mid-60's...why couldn't I enjoy the hour or so of daylight instead of going to the gym?!? Then I realized, duh! You can!!! You can take a walk outside! And that is what I did. It was glorious. I was so enthused by the idea, I think I probably got a better work-out than I would have if I went to the gym. Although, I didn't do any toning, which is actually becoming a problem. I am seriously neglecting toning, almost as a matter of principle (although that is only a principle when one's philosophy favors muscular degeneration). I brought my gym bag again today, but if its nice out, I think I'll forgo the gym again and head outdoors...though with some handweights mandated afterward. Has anyone else been able to enjoy exercising outside yet? Let us know in the comments!

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