Monday, February 14, 2011

Crystal Renn: Expectations

In this video, Crystal Renn discusses her recent weight-loss and failure to "live up to" the plus sized model ideal. When she was in her teens modeling in the "straight-sized" modeling world (aka size 0-4 realm) she suffered from an eating disorder. Then she got healthy and got a "plus sized modeling contract." She's recently lost a bit of weight (not to the extent that takes her back into "straight-sized" modeling, but rather puts her right in-between the modeling sized world).

Bottom line: trying to fit Renn into a modeling box (or any woman) isn't healthy. She's beautiful, she takes great pictures, she's a model...but apparently being a size 8 is too confusing for the industry (or fashion media) to comprehend.

There must be way more size 8 women buying clothes than size 2 women in the real world...mustn't there? Why isn't body diversity taken more seriously in the industry? A diverse group of women modeling clothing for a diverse client base seems to make perfect sense to me.


  1. You can note my Feb 8 post for my differing opinnion.

  2. Also, average american woman size is 14.

    So these chicks are still not representing plus size women at a size 8.