Monday, July 12, 2010

Lisa's 12 Week Summer Jump Start

Week 6 Results

7/12/2010 Down 1.6 lbs going back to 237.6 lbs.

How I did it:
1. This week. I focused on veggies.
2. I also made smart choices on preparing favorites.
a. Used whole wheat flour in my smothered pork chops.
b. added 3 cups of veggies to my gravy
c. sauted my veggies in Pam
d. fried my okra with out a coating

I am almost back to my pre vacation weight. I am about to go on a crusie on July 31. I want to lost 5 lbs before the curise to have a cushion during the curise but in the past I have lost 0.5 lbs on a cruise.

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