Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ask Dr. Gilda: Am I Too Big for Love?

Dr. Gilda Carle, Ph.D. comments on a reader wonders whether men will ever see past her weight.

Click on the link above to view her own words. Below is the paraphrase:

If you love yourself, you will surround yourself with those who love you and you will find love.

I agree with the her sentiment. As a fat person, I have always dated. I even got married. I also have a cast of thousands hooting and hollering at me in NYC.

I am not saying I have never been rejected due to weight. If I only get a 1,000 hoots in NYC, with over 8 million people walking around that means my body type is not the ideal.

Yet, I believe you only need one husband and you don't have to become a pinup girl to get him.

So if you respect yourself and have something to offer relationship. Like being a complete person without a bunch of self-esteem issues you will find true love.

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